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Covid19 or corona virus A Pandemic lets prevent it to be endemic

Protect other by protecting self! Social distancing is only the way to prevent Pandemic Coronavirus into endemic infection which is constantly maintained at a baseline level in a geographic area without external inputs.

As Coronavirus case is USA has already crossed 15 k within a month and growing in every pockets of 50 states, it can be a disaster in making for seniors and high risk individuals if exposed . CDC has urged people to stay out of social gathering and maintain minimal 6 feet’s distance to avoid contamination. As we all know how infectious Covid 19 is with its rise since dec 2 2019 when first case was reported in Wuhan China and jan 26 2020 USA reported first case in Arizona and March 10 2020 Michigan reported the first case in Oakland county , one lesson to be learned is the sooner social distancing is maintained the faster the bell can be curbed for it to die down as demonstrated in china on the contrary Italy and is still overwhelmed and counting new cases .

Back home in Usa with all states with confirmed cases the most important thing is to flatten the corona virus curve by testing and taking extreme social isolation and distancing steps by anybody who has flu like symptoms with fever, sore throat, cough. Corona virus can cause Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

No vaccine or medicine is effective so far, but continuous research indicates anti malaria medication can be beneficial in some cases. Persons Immunity with healthy eating, regular exercises, washing hands frequently and maintain social distancing are most effective tools so far .

Staying home and confining self is so far best strategy to flat out the curve and limiting its spread.

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