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Coronavirus fear of a father

My wife is expecting our third child in one hour with scheduled C section , restless and anxious as I am going through visual screening for any COVID-19 symptoms around us ! the fear of unknown a 400 -500 nm virus which is not even visible, so infectious and deadly for our beloved elderly and fragile.

I over heard the hospital staff discussing that only one mask will be given to each healthcare provider per shift which means more cross contamination and exposure of other infections in most secure health care settings in the world .

In last one month We have experienced everything with rise of Coronavirus from epidemic to pandemic , With current census in 7 days since March 17 we saw the curve jumping up in Oakland county with more than 500 confirm cases and entire USA reporting 60 k confirm cases . I have a feeling we might cross China if we do not implement complete lockdown for 21 days , I wish I am wrong .

The first 100 k infections took more than two months on March 4, 200 k in 2 weeks on March 17 300 k in next 4 days 400k , in last 2 days and now we are staring at half million today .

The data suggest this is most contagious virus know to man kind with up to 16 percent fatalities and death something which cannot be ignored .

Did we learned any lesson from China , Italy or India the simple answer is no as complete lockdown might harm the economy but my point is “with 16 percent of population on stake and gone if this pandemic persist , is it worth “.

President trump please we need complete lockdown as “stay at home order is not working “ suggested by telecom data 58% of Oakland county residents are moving around and we have not reached the peak in curve yet, how many more infections we need to declare complete lockdown. Data suggests India the second largest population in the world implemented lockdown with will and force, mandatory 14 days quarantine of all travelers has restricted the spread of Coronavirus significantly.

Data suggest spread of this pandemic is through airports and 200 territories worldwide is affected , my 8 year old suggested “21 days stop air /sea/ road traveling for all and keep the travelers and maintain mandatory 14 days quarantine for travelers if no symptoms then reintegration in communities.

I was on self quarantine since my mother in law traveled from India to help us , her travel arrangements were done 6 months back and I tried my best for her to cancel her trip , but I have to bow down to my wife and in-laws wishes and there argument was it’s not that evolved as the numbers suggest around early March .As a health care provider, a feared father I started doing fanatic search for research articles and studies on Coronavirus , how it can affect my 8 and 3 year olds , the more research I did the more miserably and venerable I felt. With ventilators shortages and over burdened health care system and no social distancing practiced by population it became more and more scary situation. Last 10 days my son and daughter are in complete lockdown even not allowed to visit neighbors to play as our neighbor is pregnant as well and we chose not to pass anything to them . The fear of unknown is the worst fear as there are very limited articles in relation to Coronavirus and pregnancy and it’s effect on baby .

Coronavirus causes Respiratory distress at terminal alveoli blocking the oxygen permeability in blood causing lack of adequate oxygen in body , as a car cannot run without gas our body cannot run without oxygen.

In 84% of population the virus shows symptoms but is not life threatening and experts suggest no intervention is needed , call your doctor and update your situation , self quarantine in home from your loved ones , but do not go to hospital unless you feel life threatening situation and prevent the spread to front health care professionals. Let’s not repeat 1918 flu epidemic.

Prevention is better than cure ! Stay home and prevent the spread !!

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Rishi Kishore
Rishi Kishore
26 de mar. de 2020

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