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Cap Off the Summer By Taking the Challenge by News Now Staff

Believe it or not, the start of school "is just around the corner" or "can't come soon enough," depending on your tolerance for perpetually sticky surfaces and back-to-back Spongebob Squarepants episodes. And what better way to give summer vacation that last final hurrah (or celebrate its end) than by being active as a family and possibly winning a Fitbit?

The APTA Summer Fit Family Challenge continues through August, and members are encouraged to get their patients and clients—and their own families—involved in this fun way to stay active as a family.

It's easy to do. Simply visit the Fit Family Challenge webpage on, download the challenge list, and get moving. Take family photos and share your progress while doing the activities, then post to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, using #FitFam14, and you'll be entered automatically to win a Fitbit. Four families have already scored one of these cool gadgets, and yours could be next.

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